What Sets Treasure State Aquariums Apart?

We pride ourselves on carrying healthy livestock

At Treasure State Aquariums, your aquarium's health is our top priority. That's why we make sure our aquatic livestock is properly conditioned before it leaves our shop. We condition each new arrival, treating it for parasites, bacteria, and diseases. We are proud to be an in-house aquaculture facility where we culture many different species of corals.

Come see our great selection of aquatic plants and animals

Come see our great selection of aquatic plants and animals

Treasure State Aquariums is proud to offer a large selection of aquatic livestock to clients in Montana and surrounding areas. We carry:

  • Coral: Choose from a extensive selection of Soft Corals, LPS, SPS, plus an ever-changing WYSIWYG selection.
  • Invertebrates: We offer both freshwater and saltwater invertebrates
  • Plants: Browse our many varieties of low-tech to high-tech freshwater plants.
  • Fish: Check out our large selection of freshwater and saltwater fish. Special ordering available.

Thanks to our aquaculture facility, we’re able to host a variety of hard-to-find corals in a healthy environment. Visit our shop today to see our selection for yourself.