Crowell is in the midst of updating/renovating our 120 gal salt water tank. I'm SO glad we found him! He is professional and courteous, and very responsive to phone calls. EXCELLENT customer service - very honest and reasonable. We're loving working with him and looking forward to enjoying our aquarium even more with his help and advice.

Janet Rivera Sharon

Crowell helped me set up my first salt water tank. Very helpful and extremely knowledgeable guy to work with. This place should see more business, because the customer service is far better than any other place in town or other stores for that matter. Very happy I was able to find this place!!

Brock Shouldis

This is a very nice locally owned shop. The displays are very clean and there are so many awesome and different corals to choose from. The store features high quality livestock and equipment yet the prices are very reasonable. I look forward to this store inevitably growing.

Holly Basting

Awesome place and selection. Messaged them on Facebook got a super fast response and we setup an appointment to meet. Left with some really nice pieces.

Chad Anderson

Want to have a saltwater fish tank but don't know where to start? Message Treasure State aquariums, they can answer all of your questions. Very friendly and knowledgeable, 10/10

David Reda

Great selection - Fair prices - Locally owned - Knowledgeable - our new go to for all our Salt Water Aquarium needs !!!!!

Marianne Brockhausen

I have gotten great service and coral from Cromwell.

James Fuller

The most Awesome store I've been in, they have great prices and a nice selection of corals. The owners are amazing and are very informative about what you are buying! I won't go anywhere else now that I found them!

Kacie Smith

I've stocked most of my tank from Crowell. Super friendly and very knowledgeable dude. Remembered my name and everything. I highly recommend shopping local and from him especially.

Brock Kirschenmann

Great store, customer service, prices and very friendly! Will be stopping back by soon.

Andrea Fleming-Dirkson

Great store Crowell is very knowledgeable and helpful

Gene Talton Burden

Very knowledgeable people and healthy fish. Would recommend going there to buy all your aquarium needs.

Eric Krueger

This wonderful place has the best selection of corals, anemones, saltwater invertebrates, and freshwater fish in town and has an extremely welcoming and friendly environment with an exceptionally knowledgeable staff! Gudgeons, pygmy gourami, black rasboras, an assortment of rainbows and botias all in amazing condition and more yet to come! It was so incredibly refreshing to see bettas in ACTUAL tanks instead of cups. I seriously can not speak any higher of Treasure State Aquariums and am so unbelievably happy that our town now has an aquarium store of this quality; whether you are a master fishkeeper or a newcomer to the hobby, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Theo Kellison

I bought several corals before there was a store front, all of them arrived healthy and have been thriving in my aquarium. The corals I bought were my first SPS, a frag from a Birdsnest coral, and a bunch of mushrooms to add a splash of color and texture to my aquarium.
The owner is very knowledgeable, and helped me set up a tank for the first time, and gave plenty of advice on reefkeeping. One of my go to sources for experienced information on the hobby.
Cannot wait for the grand opening of his store front. I will be in his store, and definitely recommend to anyone I talk to about saltwater aquariums.

He has never turned a question I've had away, and is kind, professional, and happy to help.

Arthur Reynolds

Amazing place, very helpful staff! I went in just wanting to look, and ended up buying everything I need to set up a new tank!! It is beautiful and homey, and their betas are in tanks not cups. All their fish are healthy and active. Amazing store. Will go there for all my needs.

Stephanie Ulatowski

Definitely the best aquarium store I have ever been to by far. Friendly, knowledgeable and personable owners/staff. They truly care about their customers and are passionate about fish and aquariums. Crowell, Lauren and Chris have been helping me build my first saltwater tank and answer all my ridiculous and repetitive questions every weekend. They take amazing care of their tanks and can even do special orders. Definitely the 1 stop shop for all your aquarium needs even if you're a beginner!

Lacy Wood

This Aquarium store has lots of quality freshwater and saltwater hardscape material, rare fish, and the best aquarium supplies. Stores like these are rare, this is a good one. Owner is Great! A+ recommendation

P. M. V.

Such a great place and the people there are really nice and helpful, the selection is really good and the corals are really well taken care of. You won't go wrong here!

Sheldon Young

Quality, healthy livestock.

Lyle S.

Very knowledgeable great product and willing to order anything I need.

Phil Dupre

Brett Bursell

This place was awesome. It was clean the tanks were in great condition, the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable and most of all it was a great experience being in that store. They have salt water which was really kept up very well and freshwater which also is kept up very well. If you're looking for a nice shop, definitely come here it's a great place.

Justin Adam

Daryl Larkin

Best aquarium store I've seen in person and especially within the billings area! Crow and his wife were some of the nicest people I've meet in a retail store. We were there for 2 hours just asking questions while eyeballing the insane amount of corals they have as I was trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible from someone that's been doing this for awhile. Crow was very polite while answering my numerous newbie questions. I also enjoyed talking with Crows wife as well as their employee jon. They have an excellent stock of much needed saltwater supplies so I'm excited to spend more of my money in town than sending it to Florida or California. I also thought that the overall lay out of the store was athletically pleasing. The large and widely spaced isles were set up well, the separate rooms for marine and fresh water was nice and who doesn't love the big frag tank with the awesome thru water viewing windows which are totally cool!! I thank everybody there for a wonderful visit to a first class retail store. Plus a Huge thanks for the most awesome jf bug out stylo from their back prop room! Can't wait to do more business with you in the future, keep up the excellent work!